THIS BANNER IS AN AD:: - Mattel Introduces Crossed Signals™ to Iconic Games Portfolio


Mattel Introduces Crossed Signals™ to Iconic Games Portfolio

New Fast-Paced, Electronic Light and Sound Matching Game Now Available

Mattel  introduced Crossed Signals, a fast-paced, electronic light and sound matching game for players age 8 years and older. Crossed Signals is the newest game to join the Mattel Games lineup, which includes UNO®, Pictionary®, Magic 8 Ball®, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots® and more.

Crossed Signals offers the ultimate physical-and-electronic play experience that challenges the players to a frenzied game of trying to match light and voice commands using the joysticks before the timer runs out.

“The Mattel Games portfolio features some of the most popular games in the world, and we continue to create innovative products that are simple to understand and beloved by families,” said Ray Adler, Vice President, Global Head of Games, Mattel. “With more people seeking active and social gameplay options than ever before, Crossed Signals gets players up on their feet for an exciting and interactive challenge, perfect for indoor and outdoor game nights.”

Crossed Signals players can test their speed and accuracy by moving their joysticks to match the product’s light and voice commands before the timer runs out. With four different gameplay variations, players can master their skills in a solo round, or challenge up to three other friends to a game utilizing the built-in multiplayer mode and digital scorekeeping.

The four different Crossed Signals gameplay variations include:

  • Light Pursuit: Follow the light commands as the game gets progressively more challenging.
  • Speed Signals: See how many points you can score in a minute by following the light commands.
  • Go-No-Go: If the game says “GO!”, follow the light commands. If the game says, “NO!”, hold the sticks still.
  • Signal Showdown: Play head-to-head with each player holding one joystick. The player who follows the light command first scores the point.

Crossed Signals is available now at Target stores and online for $19.99, and will be available globally this fall. For more information, please visit



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