THIS BANNER IS AN AD:: - Barbie Toy Sales Surge as New Content is Released on Netflix, The NPD Group Says


Barbie Toy Sales Surge as New Content is Released on Netflix, The NPD Group Says

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Barbie is organizing her school dance to help the art department. Ken wants to ask barbie to the dance but is too shy. Meanwhile Barbie and Tammy disagree on decorations for the dance. Skipper also accepts to go to the dance with her best friend and with her school crush Jordan. Barbie, Ken

Barbie dreamhouse adventures continue with Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea. Skipper has a science project to due after school and her lab partner is her secret crush Jordan!. Stacie and Chelsea are playing a miniature board game! Skipper finds out Stacie has been reading her Diary!

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Barbie Toy Sales Surge as New Content is Released on Netflix

The second-season Netflix (NFLX) release of “Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures” in March 2020, and the movie, “Barbie Princess Adventure,” in September 2020, have lifted the number of hours watched of all Barbie releases on Netflix through September. Toy sales have followed suit, as sales of the Barbie property has trended similarly to the rise in time spent watching Barbie titles, according to The NPD Group.


“Contributing to the growth in the Barbie property was the Barbie Dreamhouse, which was among the top 10 fastest selling toys* in the U.S. from March to September 2020,” said Juli Lennett, NPD’s toys industry advisor. “The latest season of ‘Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures’ on Netflix also debuted on Netflix in March, right when stay-at-home orders began and families with kids started watching a lot more streaming video.”

The amount of time spent watching Barbie titles on Netflix more than doubled between February and June 2020. “While we can't attribute the subsequent success in toys directly to increased Netflix viewing, given that the pandemic shelter-at-home orders likely played a role, there is a correlation,” said Lennett. “It was readily apparent, once we noted the increase in time spent viewing in June and the increase in Barbie toy sales that same month.”



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