Bundle Box Set: 2in1 & Sticker Puzzles - Disney Frozen by LEE PUBLICATIONS

Three fun time activities in one! Use the Special Pen and a rainbow of colors will instantly appear. With the same Special Pen, fill in the dotted area and invisible images and words will become visible. Then unscramble the stickers to create surprise pictures of everyone's favorite Frozen characters. Place the numbered stickers on a numbered grid to complete the pictures. MADE IN THE USA

Set Includes:   

2in1 Book   
 •  16 pages of Invisible Ink fun   
 •  8 pages of Magic Pen Painting fun  
 •  Special pen

Sticker Puzzle Book  
•  8 colorful jumbled sticker puzzles  
 •  8 numbered puzzle grids   
•  240 stickers

— Three out of 11 retailers told TDmonthly in a May 2015 survey that Frozen was their best-selling licensed toy property. Bebe Feimster, manager of Big Smile Toys/Hardware Center in Paoli, Pa., told us that this specific toy was their best seller.Specialty Retailers, have this be your link
 4/3/2015 (Age: 3 and up)

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