Marvin´s Magic: Treasure For Wizards of All Ages

Article Synopsis:
  • Son of a magician, Marvin Bergas originally had designed individual tricks to be sold by an in-store demonstrator in magic stores.
  • Developed Marvin´s Magic store-within-a-store for leading retailers like Hamley´s, Harrod´s and the international flagship Toys R Us store in New York City.
  • Marvin´s Magic covers a wide range of age groups and skill levels from 4 to 8 year olds to "Executive Magic" that can be used by professionals.

Marvin Bergas was only five years old when he and his brother Peter first performed with the original “International Man of Mystery,” their father, magician David Bergas. Of course, Marvin just called him dad.

Perhaps not surprisingly, David Bergas discouraged his son from pursuing what he called “a tremendous hobby but a precarious profession” when Marvin got the magic bug as a teenager. Instead of performing, Marvin became an in-store demonstrator of magic tricks which led to his starting his own business in 1987.

Marvin’s Magic originally had individual tricks designed to be sold by an in-store demonstrator in magic stores. They partnered with stores such as Hamley’s, Harrod’s and the international flagship Toys ‘R Us store in New York City to create their store-within-a-store.

Although they still develop their store-within-a-store for leading retailers, their product line has evolved to include both individual tricks and kits that can easily be sold without the benefit of live demonstrations.

A Novice Magician´s ´Mind-Blowing´ Choices

As a professional close-up magician, Bergas can quickly name the perfect tricks for store owners that still want to amaze their customers. He recommends the rabbit glove puppet that performs tricks which is included in one of the company’s bestsellers, the Magic Hat ($24.99).

Described by Bergas as “an ideal confidence builder for any budding magician”, the Magic Hat (Ages 5 and up) includes over 125 tricks, a hat, rabbit puppet, and picture book. For more impressive, yet quick and easy to learn tricks, retailers should try the Kings to Aces Trick included in both Marvin’s Magic Card Trick Collection ($30) and the Mind Blowing Magic Kit ($25).

Tagged as “Professional Magic Made Easy”, Marvin’s Magic covers a wide range of age groups and skill levels from the “Magic Made Easy” category for 4 to 8 year olds to “Executive Magic” that can be used by professionals. In addition to awards from the toy industry, Marvin’s Magic products are the only ones that have been officially recommended by the Magic Circle, the international organization that has promoted excellence in magic for a century.

The company does everything it can to make their tricks easy for eager magicians to master from making sure their illustrated instructions are simple to enlarging the components of a trick to make it easy for beginners to handle to creating instructional DVD’s and videos such as Amazing Secrets of Cards Video ($19.99). Mind Blowing Magic ($25), a kit for 8 to 16 year olds, includes both a DVD covering performance and secret techniques, as well as a backpack stuffed with tricks for budding magicians on the go.

In addition to their retail line, Marvin’s Magic also developed a line of promotional tricks from a simple illusion box to an Executive Magic collection in a sleek black carrying case. Every trick can be personalized with a company’s name and logo. The promotional line offers memorable gifts for all types of businesses. Imagine if, instead of the predictable calendar as a holiday thank you, your bank sent you an illusion box that makes money appear from thin air!

Writer's Bio: The mother of three children ages 13, 10 and 2, Jodi Webb started out as a toy seller. She´s happy to find a job where her accountant will let her write off her toy purchases! Read more articles by this author



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