A Corvette for Little Speedsters

Dorel Juvenile Group is going to be making wee car lovers very happy with their new line of battery powered Ride Ons, including the Corvette C5-R ($279.99, ages 3 and up). Among the C5-R´s features are a working FM radio; a two-speed transmission; reverse capability; traction tires; and working headlights, taillights, turn signals, and seat belts. The car also boasts cool actual racing and engine sounds effects, and detailed styling, including a front air dam and rear spoiler.

Power Paddler

Farley introduces the Power Paddler, a paddleboat for children ages 3 and up. This innovative, simple and easy to handle paddleboat is motored by hand. Kids simply crank the patent pending paddles, which are specially designed to make the most of a child´s muscle power, including moving forward, backward and in a circle. Best of all, the Power Paddler is unsinkable.

21st Century Gym Sets

Hedstrom is setting a new standard in outdoor fun with its Hybrid Tower Metal Gym with Large Play Deck, which boasts a 16-square-foot tower with a UV protected canopy, plus a variety of rides and swings. The set comes equipped with the two passenger Rocket Rider, two Sling swings with Safe-T Touch Swing Chains, a Ring Swing trapeze and a 6 ½ foot Race ´n´ Ride slide. A large sandbox that holds up to 250 pounds of sand fits beneath the oversized tower (sand not included).

Also new is the Bubble Blaster, which combines the fun of a gym ride with the amusement of bubble play. Side-by-side seating safely supports up to two children, who assist in producing the bubbles by swinging back and forth. The air pressure in the lower area of the swing creates multi-sized bubbles, which float out of the handles.

Extreme Sport Fun

Hedstrom is getting into the extreme sports arena with a series of A.S.E. (Advanced Skateboarding Equipment), including: the Kink Rail ($59.99), much like a stairway rail, is created by a four-inch transition drop in the center rail section for increased riding excitement while helping refine balance. In bright yellow, it offers great visibility and is great for night sessions. The Grind Spine ($179.99) allows skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX bikers to transfer from ramp to ramp with ease, using it as both a quarter pipe and a launch ramp with a transitioned landing. Designed for younger extreme sports fanatics age 8 and up, the X Factor Pyramid ($169.99) is a standard street course obstacle, created to allow riders to do tricks while generating speed. Comprised of four, 10-inch wedge ramps and one extra long bridge for beginners, the Pyramid can be configured with two, three or four ramps, depending on each skater´s individual creativity and skills.

Modern Playhouses

Children will have more room to romp and play with the Pop-Up Playhouse ($19.99) from Hedstrom, a large-size set with enough space for three kids at a time. Easy to set up with its "pop-up" play structure, the playhouse is created with durable polyester fabric which is easy to keep clean and features bright, colorful graphics.

The Deluxe Playhouse is a premium version of Hedstrom´s traditional vinyl playhouse, made with high quality, printed polyester fabric. The Standard Vinyl Playhouse ($19.99) is easy to assemble with elastic corded poles, and is available in a variety of child licenses. The Hide N´ Sleep Bed Dome ($24.99-$29.99) line is expanding, featuring a broad selection of popular, licensed properties for kids ages 3 and up. It fits standard twin size mattresses, and is easily attached to the bed with elastic straps and assembled with elastic corded poles.

Not Your Usual Sleeping Bag

Hedstrom´s new Inflatable Slumber Bag ($29.99) combines a bed and slumber bag in one to provide a comfortable night´s sleep wherever it´s used. Featuring a built-in air mattress and pillow headrest, the Inflatable Slumber Bag includes a pump that blows up the bag in just minutes, and a convenient carrying tote. The slumber bags feature a variety of licensed characters for kids ages 3 and up.

Tazer Light-Up Balls

Eye popping hot for this spring are the Tazer Light-up Balls by Senario (ToyShow), which was recently awarded an iParenting Media Award. The product line consists of multi-color strobe balls, light up foot-bags, illuminated spheres, malleable crunch and crystal ice balls. Balls integrate LED light technology and come loaded with batteries (replaceable) for 30+ hours of tossing, rolling, juggling and kicking.

Fun In Small Spaces

Soft Play has introduced a new line of commercial playground equipment called Kids Corner. Designed for children ages 2-5, this is the ideal for small spaces in either indoor or outdoor applications. Kids Corner features bright, colorful plastics in primary and jewel-tones hues, extra-deep graduated slide walls, eye-catching color graphics and a variety of fun interactive play activities.

Hedstrom´s Got Game

Hedstrom is introducing a variety of sports-themed, active products, from interactive gear and travel games to licensed characters and plush hoppers for toddlers. The Quarterback Jack ($39.99-$49.99) is an interactive football player programmed that comes with a junior-sized football and 12 different play cards, with which kids can easily create their own strategic plays. Quarterback Jack can make a pass up to 50 feet long for ultimate playability and can rotate left and right and mover his arm up and down for a wide variety of passing plays.

QuickPlay Sports ($5.99) travel anywhere in a carrying case, letting kids compete in their favorite sport just about anywhere. The games include Mini League Baseball, with a spring-loaded batter box, three bases, a pitching mound, and more; Touch Down Challenge Football comes with a hand-sewn football and flat foam football, goal posts and kicking cleat; Foul Shot Challenge Basketball includes a backboard and a basketball with shooter; Soccer Shoot Out features a foldable soccer goal, foam soccer ball and a soccer foot to kick with; and Penalty Shot Hockey, which comes with a moveable hockey goalie, foldable hockey goal, two sticks and two pucks.

BounZing Buddies ($4.99-$5.99) are action figures that are safe enough to roll, throw and bounce. The character-shaped, foam bouncing balls range from astronauts to professional sports heroes and licensed properties, and come with fun facts about the character. Kids can collect and trade them or display them in the collectable clear packaging.

Hop Alongs ($19.99; ages 2-4) combine soft, plush, stuffed animals with the classic hopper, allowing kids to hop on their favorite characters, including a frog, pony, puppy and duck. Each includes a sound box that recreates realistic animal noises for added imaginative play.

Easy-Catch Toy Innovations Flying High

Newcomer Rhino Toys’ (ToyDirectory) latest flying creations—Oball Original, Oball Jellies, SkyO and Sky Blaster—have high-tech designs that deliver interactive play for all ages. Oball Original and Oball Jellies are the all-season, go-anywhere play balls for infants to octogenarians. The matrix of smooth holes form a lightweight, hollow soccer ball design that is fun to grab, kick, bounce and catch, and even squish for stress relief. SkyO, the world’s best flexible flying ring, makes it easy for all ages and skill levels to throw long and short distances with incredible accuracy. Sky Blaster, the updated classic flying toy, lets kids experience the excitement of high performance flight with this high-flying, spinning, whistling skyrocket.

Noodle Head Fun Launches New Flying Disk

The Jelly Flyer by Noodle Head Fun (ToyDirectory, ToyShow) is a floppy flying disk that adds a new dimension of fun to flying toys. Safe to throw indoors and out, Jelly Flyers make catching easy and painless, even for young children. The new high tech material is nearly indestructible with a smooth brushed finish. Jelly Flyers come in fun, vivid colors. The Jelly Flyer was awarded the "Preferred Choice" award in the Outdoor Play category in Creative Child magazine.

Huffy Sports Changes the Look of Home Basketball

Huffy® Sports Company introduces the Cobra™, the first basketball system of its kind to feature an S-Pole design. The basketball hoop, which resembles a Cobra snake poised to strike, creates added offset, which means there is increased room for play underneath the basket. In addition, the portable basketball system features a 44” steel-framed acrylic backboard with a solid steel Slam Jam™ breakaway rim. The rim comes equipped with the Smart Clip™ safety net release system, which allows the net to pull away from the rim if a player becomes entangled during play.

Aquatoy, Inc. Explores Sea-life with the New AquaSquid™

Aquatoy, Inc. (ToyDirectory), a leading manufacturer of innovative water toys, recently launched the AquaSquid™, a water creature toy that can fly through water up to 30 feet. Based on the hydrodynamic design of a real squid, the AquaSquid™ allows swimmers of all ages to explore the structure and movement of a squid. The 12” water toy is made of durable plastic. For nighttime play there’s the Glow AquaSquid™ that lights up a pool as it soars underwater.

KONEC.Co.Ltd. Invents Propeller/Boomerang Combo Toy

The Shot-Blade is the newest invention by Korean toy manufacturer KONEC Co. Ltd. (ToyDirectory). Cock the handle, place the sleek propeller disk in the launch chamber, aim and shoot. The disk comes out the front so fast that it actually flies through the air. When a shot is made from a high angle, the 3-winged boomerang disc will come back to the shooter. With a little practice, shooters can even shoot from around corners and over walls at targets they can’t even see. The three point star disk can also hook onto a net for target practice fun. Comes with a carrying strap, fold up target and 30 disks.

Powerisers Leap Into Toy Market

Powerisers by Superdairyboy Toys is a sports toy that gives users the ability to jump to great heights. The kids´ model allows users from 60 to 130 pounds to jump up to 3 1/2 feet in the air. Powerisers provide exercise for children of all ages, including running races, jumping rope, and just hopping around. The adult model gives users from 130 lbs to 220 lbs the ability to jump up to 6 feet in the air and take running strides of up to 9 feet in length. Basketball slam dunks, flips, and breath-taking jumps are made possible with the Powerisers.

O2-Cool Puts the Water in Water Toys

Ideal for cooling off, the Missster Water Snake™ by O2-Cool (ToyDirectory) is a toy that propels water up to 30 feet and it projects water as far as any super soaker. The Critter Spitters® are squirt toys shaped like animals that are both misting devices and water drinking bottles. Critter Spitters include Squirtzilla™ the Dinosaur, Puddles™ the Duck, Sprinkles™ the Cat, Soggy Doggie™ the Dog, Spittin’ Iggy™ the Lizard, and Spouts™ the Whale.

Funtastic Toy’s Goof Bombs

Taking the concept of those water bombs made of foam balls and cloth covers, Funtastic Toys (ToyShow) has created Goof Bombs, water toys in the shape of oranges, bananas, hot dogs, hamburgers, and even a t-bone steak, that can be pelted at unsuspecting swimmers and create a virtual (and very wet) food fight.

Next Step of Family Products Gets Sporty

Next Step of Family Products´ (ToyDirectory) new line of sport toys include the SportsRing & Hoop, multiple position indoor/outdoor kits that can be used as a miniature basketball hoop, or as a target for football passes, soccer goals and baseball/softball pitches. The mounting system provides versatility for adjusting the Ring/Hoop to a vertical or horizontal surface. Assembly is quick, easy and doesn´t require tools. Other products include the SportsRing Kits, The Sports Hoop Kits, and the SportsRing & Hoop Backboard Creation Series.

HABA Gets Outdoorsy

HABA’s (ToyDirectory, ToyShow) new line of outdoor/travel toys include Frogs Catching Throw, where kids can toss this beach towel and watch the two cute foam frogs fly high. Whoever’s frog lands closest to the red target in the middle wins that round. It’s a towel and a game all wrapped up in one! Frogs can also be used for game of catch. Comes with a clear zippered beach storage bag with shoulder strap. The All Weather Cards include Memory, Fish in the Pond and Old Maid with wooden game pieces. The plasticized all-weather playing cards can endure the beach, car and spills, and are all held in a carrying case with snap closure.

Zocker Toys Has A New Spin

Zocker Toy´s (ToyDirectory, ToyShow) new TailSpin ball is a 3-in-1 sports ball with a colorful numbered tail and a removable Curve Football. Toss the ball by the lightweight fabric tail to launch it long distances with very little effort. Or, throw the TailSpin like a football using the multiple grips in the foam Curve Football. It´s easy for players of different athletic abilities to throw the ball. The soft, durable tail on the ball makes catching the ball easy and fun for the entire family.

Uncle Milton is Flying High

Uncle Milton´s new flying glider line, which features exclusive Pop-Wing technology, includes the Jet Hawk 1, which launches like a rocket from a hand-held, air-powered Strato Launcher. Wings deploy and pop out 40 feet into flight, sending the Jet Hawk 1 about 500 feet in the air!

Not Your Ordinary Sleeping Bag

Each year, Hedstrom likes to step "outside of the bag" and give its slumber bags an innovative twist. From bags shaped like favorite characters, to those that come with totes for travel, Hedstrom remains on the cutting edge with new designs and formats for every age–starting with infants for busy moms who are always on the go. Brand new formats for 2004 include an Inflatable Slumber Bag—perfect for slumber parties or travel.



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