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New & Notable Toys: Outdoor Fun

Check out these new and noteworthy toys.


American Plastic Toys offers a new design to the classic picnic table with this all-in-one-piece square-shaped table and benches, super stable with room for four children. The four-sided design is super easy to assemble and does not require tools or screws (32.5" x 32.5" x 17.5”). Made in America.
Awards: 2015 TDmonthly Top Toy Award

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 6/19/2015 (Price: $25.00; Age: 2 and Up)

Kidoozie Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper by INTERNATIONAL ARRIVALS

Jumping fun for everyone! Made from soft, durable foam and great for indoor and outdoor play This lovable foam pogo jumper squeaks with every hop! The bungee stretches to accommodate children of all heights and can support up to 250 pounds. Kids and adults alike will have a hopping good time on the Hop & Squeak Pogo Jumper. (From ages 3 to 100 depending on the functionality of your bones at that age.

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 5/28/2015 (Age: 3 to 10)

Bella Butterfly Bug House by MELISSA & DOUG

Bella Butterfly swings open on the easy-access door of this whimsical bug house. A sturdy handle, a beautifully striped floor and lots of air holes provide the perfect place to house and observe insects and bugs. Dimensions: 5.5" x 7.5" x 3.5"
— Mary Porter Green, owner of Curiosity Zone in Ashburn, Va., told TDmonthly in an March 2015 survey that bug houses are one of her store's best-selling outdoor toys.

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 3/30/2015 (Price: $9.99; Age: 3 and Up)

by BRAND 44

Twice the length, twice the fun! These giant water slides range up to 30 feet long and are up to twice as wide as other slides on the market. Made with twice the strength and durability, Slide & Surf is built to last for endless water fun. Riders can slide or skimboard on Slide & Surf's slick sliding surface! New padded start, misting side walls and splash pool will make the summer fun memorable for years to come.

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Nerf Rebelle Dolphina Bow Blaster by HASBRO INC.

Unleash your inner warrior and soak your targets with the bow-blasting soakage of the Dolphina Bow Blaster! It's easy to load this stylish soaker with up to 25 ounces of water, then you just pull the handle back and push it forward to fire a blast of water at your target. Show off your skill and soak your mark with the Dolphina Bow blaster!
Awards: 2015 TIA Outdoor Toy of the Year

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 2/14/2015 (Price: $17.99; Age: 6 and Up)

Pink Adjustable Frogglez® Goggles by MADE BY MY DAD

Frogglez® Goggles are swim goggles made out of neoprene (wet suit material) with a patented strap design. This design fits 90% of children between the ages of 3 and 12 very comfortably. An easy to use velcro adjustable connection allows for size adjustments. They do not pull hair or fold down ears.

Frogglez® are designed for non-competitive swimmers that simply want a more comfortable, fun and stylish option compared to the archaic, traditional swim goggles. MSRP: $19.95-24.95

Awards: 2015 TDmonthly Magazine Top Toy Award

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 2/10/2015 (Age: 3 and Up) ENTER MADE BY MY DAD TOYSHOW

Pump Rocket(r) Air Archer(tm) by GEOSPACE INTERNATIONAL

Using our Brand New Patented BUNGEE Power system, the AIR ARCHER(tm) can propel safe, soft foam rockets up to 150 ft! The AIR ARCHER(tm) is another revolutionary item added to the award winning PUMP ROCKET(r) line!

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 2/3/2015 (Price: $24.99; Age: 5 and Up) ENTER GEOSPACE INTERNATIONAL TOYSHOW


Create an adventure vacation experience at home with the Sky Line backyard zipline kit from BYA Sports. Made from high-quality steel, this industrial strength kit is available in multiple lengths and with or without seat to customize your ride. Recommended for ages 8 & up, starting at $99.99 MSRP.

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Big Bubble Zone Mega Wand by BIG BUBBLE ZONE

This is our Largest Big Bubble Zone wand, the Mega Wand. Each package includes 1 (one) wand plus a FREE 16oz. ready to use bottle of Super Miracle Bubbles.

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 12/11/2014 (Price: $30.00)

"Firehouse" House Tent Item by PACIFIC PLAY TENTS INC

This "Firehouse" House Tent is big enough for the whole Fire Department! The exterior has a bright red brick graphic with all the accessories a firehouse would need to put out a fire! This tent is so durable it can be used indoors or outdoors. This house tent is always an excellent way to have fun while developing cooperative skills. This tent comes with mesh panels at the top for ventilation on hot days, as well as easy viewing for parents. One tunnel port comes with roll up flaps that secure with Velcro tabs. This house tent comes with two roll-up windows and two extra-large roll-up fire doors to drive your fire truck in. This also creates a nice tunnel-like experience and pass through. Color-coded poles make for easy assembly. A must have for every little firefighter!

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Joki Outdoor Hanging crow's nest by LA SIESTA INC

LA SIESTA Joki Outdoor hanging crow's nest  is made of HamacTex® (polypropylene). This fibre is weatherproof, fast-drying and surprisingly similar to cotton in look and touch. The large, soft seat cushion (filling: polyester) can be removed. In hanging crow's nest Joki children find the calm protection they need for playing and dreaming. Soft swinging stimulates the sense of balance, thus playfully promoting your child's development. LA SIESTA hanging crow's nests are recommended by the German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise.
— In a June 2014 survey, Dean Smith, owner of JaZams in Princeton, N.J., told TDmonthly that their best-selling furniture is "Joki swings from La Siesta. We are selling about 20 per month."
— Peg Scholtes, owner of Capitol Kids LTD in Madison, Wisc., told TDmonthly in a June 2015 survey that Joki from La Siesta is their best-selling furniture item.

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 6/29/2014 (Price: $119.00)

Super Flying Turtle by MASON CORPORATION

With all the popular features of the Original Flying Turtle, we now offer upgraded handlebars on our Super sit-skate. Zip along any hard, smooth surface indoors and out. No motor, no batteries, no pedaling. Powder-coated, steel handlebars feature a “rams-horn” design that protects the hands of little riders. Two soft buffer wheels prevent contact between the riding surface and the handlebar, offering even more protection and long-life for your scooter. Long-wearing polyurethane wheels contain super-fast bearings. Superior quality means the Super Turtle is sturdy enough to hold 200 lbs. Great news for parents and kids alike, it comes completely assembled and with a one year warranty for Home Use. Sit on the heavy-duty molded seat, put your feet on the bar, and simply swing from side to side. You’re off and rolling! So compactly built, it turns on its own radius.

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Ezee Glider by GLIDE BIKES

The Ezee Glider is designed for young children to learn balance, motor skills, and how to handle a bike, all while having fun! Ezee Gliders are made out of durable steel making it a more economical bicycle than other Glide Bike models. The Ezee Glider has 12" air tires and a weight of 10 lbs for fun, easy handling. Ezee Glider includes a rear brake with easy to squeeze lever for little hands.
Awards: 2014 TDmonthly Magazine Top Toy Award

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 5/29/2014 (Price: $109.99; Age: 2 to 5)

The Swring Swing by SWRING

It has the largest platform of all and you guessed it, it "swrings" and/or swings - your choice.  It rotates and spins when all four support ropes are attached to the overhead bearing, or, it swings to - fro when the ropes are separated and two are attached to the two outer overhead eyebolts.


NOSTAFY Wooden Hanging Swing Seat 4.3 stars  Pine wood 2.45 Pounds  LxWxH 17.32 x 6.89 x 78 inches Maximum Weight 200 Pounds

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 4/29/2014 (Price: $495.00)

Krainkn Jr Complete Skateboard "Blue Swirl" by KRAINKN SKATEBOARDS

Recommended for riders: 5 to 9. This is a fully assembled skateboard. 28" x 7" quality maple deck, 2 - Krainkn Black Wedges, 2 - Krainkn Blue Bungees, 2 - Padded Foam Handles, Strong Trucks, ABEC 5 Bearings, Clear Soft Polyurethane Wheels For A Smooth Ride. Bungees are designed to be a one size fits all. The maple skate deck is strong and durable.

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 3/5/2014 (Price: $39.99; Age: 5 to 9) ENTER KRAINKN SKATEBOARDS TOYSHOW

KanJam MINI Game Set by KANJAM LLC

KanJam MINI is the Ultimate indoor/outdoor game. Play it Everywhere! Great for Dorm Room, Rec Room, Patio, Basement, Hallways, Parties, Tailgating, Beach and more! TWO WAYS TO PLAY! Team members take turns throwing and deflecting MINI Disc to score points. One vs One is fast paced and exciting! Each KanJam MINI game includes: - 2 durable, highly portable official MINI goals- 2 official KanJam MINI Labels
- Custom-designed official KanJam MINI flying disc- Instructions. MADE IN USA. Retail $17.99

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 12/26/2013 (Price: $17.99) ENTER KANJAM LLC TOYSHOW

Pocket Disc Knit Frisbee by POCKET DISC

Handmade of soft, fair trade cotton, the PHD Pocket Disc is ideal for throwing indoors or out. Stuff it in your pocket or pack, it's easy to throw and catch for ages 3 and up. 8" diameter.

Where to buy:

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 12/4/2013 (Price: $9.99; Age: 3 and Up)


How to Play: RingStix is played by 2 players passing the ring back and forth using two sticks per player. To launch the ring place both sticks through the ring. Next, pull the sticks quickly apart causing the ring to be launched. The ring begins to spin (stabilizing it's flight). Each game contains a full set for two players.

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 11/29/2013 (Price: $19.99; Age: 10 and Up)

Pat a Cake Bake Sand Set by HABA USA/HABERMAASS CORP.

When guests are expected a delicious cake has to be conjured up quickly for the table! This bakery set provides little sand bakers with everything their hearts desire - A measuring jug, mixing bowl, whisk, pie tin, plate, strawberry mold and fruit stamp.

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Stomp it, launch it, catch it! This Rocket Zoomer comes with 2 soft, safe foam rockets to send flying through the air. Load a rocket onto the base and stomp on the pump to shoot the rocket straight up with the force of air. Includes a sturdy, easy to assemble base and one 5" and one 6.5" rocket.
— Greg Larson, owner of Larson's Toys and Games in Columbus, Ohio, told TDmonthly in a March 2013 survey that Rocket Zoomers are their best selling outdoor toy.

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 3/19/2013 (Price: $15.99; Age: 3 and Up)

Z-Curve Bow by ZING

Get the ultimate archery experience with the foam Z-Curve Bow. Hook in the Zartz Arrow or BlazeX Long-Range Arrow, position the shot, and watch it safely glide through the air for an incredible 125 feet. Includes one Z-Curve Bow, two BlazeX Long-Range Arrows and 1 Suction-Cup Zartz Arrow.
— "The Z-Curve Bow is the best selling outdoor toy that we have right now," Kim Emigh, manger of e-commerce at Growing Tree Toys in State College, Pa., told TDmonthly in a March 2013 survey.

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Hedstrom Hoppers by HEDSTROM

Hop-Hop-Hop around on a Hedstrom Hopper. Made of durable vinyl, Hedstrom’s hops will provide hours of fun along with the added benefit of exercise. Easy to inflate, Hops can be deflated to a smaller size for convenient storage.

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 1/9/2013 (Price: $11.49)

WarMMuffs by 7 A.M. ENFANT INC.

7AM continue to bring families comfort by providing a smart solution for the winter season, making the cold outdoors a time to enjoy for the person pushing the baby stroller. While securely holding the stroller the caregiver’s hands are kept cozy and warm, with the flexibility of easily using bare hands to tend to the needs of the child. Launch date: January 2012.

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 1/8/2013 (Price: $38.00; Age: All Ages)


HOOK IT! LAUNCH IT! CATCH IT! Djubi Classic is the coolest new twist on the game of catch. A unique combination of a slingshot and lacrosse stick, Djubi Classic consists of a specially designed racquet with a net and launch hook and a ball with an elastic band. Djubi balls can be launched up to 100 feet and they’re easy to catch with the Djubi racquets. Fathers and sons, college students, families and friends will find that Djubi Classic will take the old game of catch to an awesome new level of fun and excitement.

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Fisher-Price(TM) 2-in-1 Slide to Rocker by GROW'N UP LTD

Unique design and lots of action. Qwikflip(R) design allows the 32" slide to easily convert to a rocker. Sure-grip handle, extra wide base and texture steps to ensure stability. Launch date: December 2012.

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 11/16/2012 (Price: $69.99; Age: 1 to 3)


Spring Ring adds extra zing to indoor and outdoor fun. Use them to give favorite old games an exciting new twist or come up with something completely new and different. No Rules Required for this creative new toy. Constructed with a firm foam outer ring and a stretchy trampoline center fabric, the versatile Spring Rings can be used like a paddle, thrown like a frisbee. They even float. Great for indoors (when used with the dry splash ball) or outdoors.
Awards: 2010 Creative Child Magazine, Preferred Choice Award; 2010 Dr. Toy Best Picks Award.
— In a March 2013 survey, Joe Berardoni Jr, manager of Pun's Toys in Bryn Mawr, Pa., told TDmonthly that "The top selling outdoor item over the last two years has been the Spring Ring from Maranda...Even in the winter months, we have sold out of the item consistently, and have reordered several times already in 2013. We sell around 24-30 pieces a month during 'outside' weather months."
— Joe Barardoni Sr., owner of Pun's Toys in Bryn Mawr, Pa., told TDmonthly in a March 2014 survey that the Spring Ring was a best-selling outdoor toy.

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 10/4/2012 (Price: $29.99; Age: 4 and Up)

Myachi Battle Paddles with Red Flames by MYACHI INDUSTRIES CORP.

Inspired by the design of a lacrosse stick head combined with the functionality of a baseball glove, when wearing a Myachi Battle Paddle on the back of one’s hand, players will be able to catch a hand sack thrown from much greater distances and heights as well as successfully perform more difficult tricks rather than when attempting the same feat bare handed. Now, players can compete harder, faster, and longer. Battle Paddles can be worn on both hands and used by one player while performing tricks alone or play with 2 or more players and battle it out 1 on 1 or make teams. Compete at any of the numerous games developed to play with a Myachi Hand Sack and Battle Paddles: Myachi Pong, Myachi Football, Myachi Lax, Myachi Golf, and many others.
Awards: 2012 Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year Award

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 7/23/2012 (Price: $20.00)

Sky Bouncin' Baseball by MAUI TOYS, INC.

With a bounce of up to 75 feet, Sky Ball is the World’s Highest Bouncing Ball. Imagine how high it can bounce if it's hit with a bat. 100 feet? 200 feet? Try up to 300 feet. That’s right, kids can hit Sky Ball out of the park with Sky Bouncin’ Baseball, the farthest hitting plastic bat. And the extreme bounce of Sky Ball takes the game of baseball to a whole new level. Practice hits? No problem, just bounce Sky Ball on the ground and kids’ve got bouncing T-Ball. Sky Bouncin’ Baseball bats come in bright Blue, sporty Green, hi-tech Silver, and glowing Red with matching Sky Balls. Launch date: January 2010.
Awards: 2010 CNBC Sports Toy of the Year

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 7/13/2012 (Price: $14.99; Age: 6 and Up)

Chalktrail by FAT BRAIN TOY CO.

Healthy riding colors the world beautiful. Creativity for sidewalks, parking lots, and streets. Hook Chalktrail® to a bike, then get riding. Draw figure eights, wavy meandering paths, perfect circles, fascinating designs by retracing the same route again and again in succession. It’s freshly invigorating, beautiful play. Works with all bike sizes and training wheels. Includes highly durable Chalktrail® connector  Easy on, easy off - no tools or parents required. Comes with one piece non-toxic, washable chalk. Launch date: August 2012.

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 7/5/2012 (Price: $19.95; Age: 3 and Up)

Watch the The Yardboard Video
Watch Video
The Yardboard by THE SPOONER

The Yardboard is the ultimate down hill slider for dirt, grass and snow. Unlike a snowboard the YardBoard is for ALL surfaces and requires no boots or bindings. Virtually indestructible and Made in the USA.

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 6/21/2012 (Price: $99.00; Age: 6 and Up)

Watch the Competition Kubb Video
Watch Video
Competition Kubb by OLD TIME GAMES INC

Our Competition Kubb game is crafted of solid hardwood (not Pine) designed to be the same size and weight as the official VM - Kubb game used at the World Championship in Gotland, Sweden. Kubb set also includes a sleek, easy-to-pack travel bag made of  a 600 denier polyester fabric. It has sturdy coil zippers, a shoulder strap and an extra outside pocket for the rules. The KUBB bag has a P.V.C liner and is water resistant.

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 6/21/2012 (Price: $79.99; Age: All Ages)

Beach Kickers UV Swim Shoes by BABY BANZ

Banz swimsuits were originally designed in Australia for one of the world’s toughest UV environments. Our Beach Kickers swim shoes provide kids with outstanding protection against pebbly beaches, hot sand, and slick pool areas. Lightweight and flexible, with a high-traction sole. UPF 50+. Each pair comes with a black mesh carry bag that can be used to tote shoes, sunscreen, glasses and any other treasures. Size 3 - 9-12 months, Size 5 - 18-24 months, Size 7 - 3 years. Comes in pink or blue.

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 6/8/2012 (Age: 0 to 3)

Descender by M.Y. PRODUCTS LLC

Rockboard takes boarding to an all new level in 2012 with the brand-new Descender, the first of its kind! Featuring innovative high-performance treads never before applied to the boarding experience, this unique cross-over board bridges the gap for summer and winter outdoor sports enthusiasts, enabling riders to “surf” down grass and all-terrain hills. With its four treads positioned around triple sets of wheels for maximum traction and power, The Descender extends the fun of snowboarding and surfing into every season. Launch date: June 2012.
Awards: 2012 TIA Outdoor Toy of the Year

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 5/11/2012 (Price: $120.00; Age: 8 and Up)

Razor Flash Rider 360 by RAZOR

Yet another Razor improvement on the classic three-wheeler of the 1970s, the FlashRider 360 turns and drifts on dual inclined caster wheels but adds a Spark Bar. Now kids can spin and spark. Based on Razor’s awarding winner caster trike, the RipRider 360. The FlashRider 360 features a new spark bar lever that engages the sparks to fly. Uses the same compatible spark cartridge that is also found in the Spark scooters and the eSpark. Other features include a large hi-impact front wheel with flat-free tire for easy pedaling and complete control and to dual inclined caster rear wheels. The casters allow resistance-free drifting and spinning action. MLS Light Up Soccer Goal and Ball Set (Franklin Sports) – this soccer set encourages active play even when the sun goes down. Features a goal with glowing edges and a red light-up soccer ball. For kids up to 160 lbs.
— As of 04/30/2012 this product had 5 out of 5 stars from 4 reviews on

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 4/30/2012 (Price: $129.99; Age: 6 and Up)

Ready, Set, Pogo! by ALEX BRANDS

Ready, Set, Pogo - Jump high, fast and far. This Pogo Stick has soft grip handles, non-slip footrest and a wide rubber foot for extra stability. It has a padded frame for added comfort, too. Includes an encased metal spring for extra safety. Bounces up to 24 inches. Recommended weight is 44-99 lbs.
— Patti Tepper-Rasmussen, owner of Learning Tree Toys, Games & Books, Inc in Oklahoma City, Okla., told TDmonthly in a March 2014 survey that the pogo sticks were a best-selling outdoor toy.

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 4/30/2012 (Price: $39.95; Age: 6 to 8) ENTER ALEX BRANDS TOYSHOW

Super Miracle Bubbles Bubble Turbine by IMPERIAL TOY LLC

The new Super Miracle Bubbles Bubble Turbine is guaranteed to provide kids and adults with the seamless ability to create humongous bubbles and a variety of spectacular bubble tricks. Includes Instructional Booklet and Super Miracle Bubbles Premium Plus Solution in 100% recyclable bottle.

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 4/30/2012 (Price: $12.99; Age: 3 and Up)

Black T-Bar Steering Maxi Kick Scooter by KICKBOARD USA LLC

The maxi kick Scooter is an award-winning, high performance, 3-wheel scooter for kids ages 6-11. Weight limit 120lbs. The Swiss-designed maxi, like its sibling the mini (for kids ages 3-5), has a lean-and-steer mechanism that makes it unique and fun, giving kids the feeling of surfing the sidewalks as they curve and carve. The maxi has an amazingly smooth, quiet ride, even on urban sidewalks and it's light weight, yet exceptionally durable construction is easy for kids and parents alike to see and appreciate.
Awards: 2009 Oppenheim Portfolio's Gold and Platinum Award Seals; Oppenheim SNAP award seal; Toy Report Best Scooter for Kids ages 6-11; NBC Today Show 'Best Toys for Summer 2009.
— Alexander McPherson, toy supervisor at Little Dickens in Lynchburg, Va., told TDmonthly in a March 2013 survey that Kickboards are their best selling ride on toy, especially during Summer and around the holidays.
— Joe Barardoni Jr., owner of Pun's Toys in Bryn Mawr, Pa., told TDmonthly in a March 2014 survey that Kickboard scooters were best-selling ride-on toys.

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 4/30/2012 (Price: $134.99; Age: 6 to 11)


Bring the playground to the back yard with the Kiddi-o® Parallel See Saw. For added safety this See Saw keeps children parallel to the ground at all times. High back seats provide extra support and spring loaded stoppers underneath allow an easy landing. Launch date: May 2012.

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 4/24/2012 (Price: $159.00; Age: 3 to 8) ENTER KETTLER INTERNATIONAL INC. TOYSHOW

BugLit™ by NITE IZE INC.

The BugLit "body" is actually our powerful INOVA Microlight - a tough micro flashlight encased in a durable polycarbonate plastic housing, with four functions (high power, low power, strobe, and signal). This bright white LED has an effective range of up to 50 feet, and one-mile visibility. Next, the securely attached "legs" are two flexible, fully moldable 6" Nite Ize Gear Ties, which can be bent, wrapped, or twisted in many configurations, to sit, stand, store, or shine the flashlight. Wrap the legs around the body for compact storage and transport. And, finally, its lightweight plastic S-Biner clip allows you to attach, hang, or store the BugLit for convenient access on zippers or keys.

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 4/24/2012 (Price: $12.99)

Bailey's Box of Big Shovels by BAILEY'S TOY STORE

These big shovels are perfect for large scale sand projects at the beach. Shovels are made in the USA. Includes 40 Big Shovels.

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Parachute Ball by EOLO SPORT INC

Parachute Ball lands safely. Made from real parachute material, this parachute opens magically in flight before it hits the ground and is easily reset into its secret compartment for its next flight. Operate with kid power. No batteries required.

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Watch the Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane Video
Watch Video
Gazillion Bubbles Hurricane by FUNRISE INC.

The Gazillion Bubble Hurricane is Gazillion’s number one bubble machine. Year after year, this bubble machine cranks out thousands of bubbles for kids of all ages. Each Bubble Machine comes with an 8 oz. bottle of a "top secret" non-toxic Gazillion Bubble solution, just pour the solution into the reservoir attached to the Bubble Machine to continuously feed the wands creating a storm of colorful bubbles. Requires 6 "AA" batteries, not included. Works with core solution. iParenting Award Winner.

Specialty Retailers, have this be your link
 3/26/2012 (Age: 3 and Up)


Kids can launch Megatech's Firefly® to incredible heights with the included launcher. It spirals back to earth thanks to its uniquely designed fins. The high intensity LED allows kids launch it day or night. With this feature they'll never lose sight of it during flight.
— In a March 2012 survey, John Taylor, owner of O.P Taylor's in Brevard, N.C., told TDmonthly that he sold more than 2,000 Fireflies last year. He keeps them by the register as an impulse item, and on nights with a lot of foot traffic, he'll give one to a kid and ask them to play with it in front of the store a while.

Specialty Retailers, have this be your link
 3/8/2012 (Price: $5.00; Age: 8 and Up)

Deluxe Water Rocket by TOYSMITH

This set includes Two 5 1/2" Water Rockets; One 8 1/2" Water Rocket; 2 Fuel Funnels and Launcher; Rocketry Booklet.
— In a March 2012 survey about best selling outdoor toys, Mary Porter Green, owner of The Curiosity Zone in Ashburn, Va., told TDmonthly that she sells about a dozen of this water rocket set each month.
— As of 03/08/2012 this product had 2.3 out of 5 stars on Pros: Fun when pump is working properly. Cons: Many reviewers said the pump was not strong enough to jettison the rocket high into the air.

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 3/8/2012 (Price: $11.99; Age: 6 and Up)

The Original Hula Hoop by WHAM-O

The original Hula Hoop. Promotes physical activity. Contains ball inside for the Shoop-Shoop Hula Hoop sound effect. Assortment of three sizes.
— In a March 2012 survey about outdoor toys, Mike DiAndrea, manager of Hardware Toys in Paoli, Pa., told TDmonthly that they sell 65 of the Original Hula Hoop each month.

Specialty Retailers, have this be your link
 3/8/2012 (Price: $7.99; Age: 5 to 12)

Deluxe Sand & Water Wheel Set by THE ORIGINAL TOY COMPANY

Set contains a brightly colored plastic 6 1/2" deep bucket, 8" long shovel and ocean sand molds. On and off valve controls the flow of sand or water, with moveable gears and large hopper. Assorted colors.

Specialty Retailers, have this be your link
 2/24/2012 (Price: $26.00; Age: 2 and Up)

Sandbox Critter Play Set - Lady Bug with Mermaid by BE GOOD COMPANY

Includes 10.5" x 8.5" x 2" Ladybug Sandbox with lid, 20" x 20" no mess play mat, ultra fine blue sand, mermaid, seaweed, tropical fish, turtle, digging shovel, grooming rake, pail, star fish and real sea shells.

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 1/20/2012 (Price: $25.00; Age: 3 and Up)

Splash Battle Gear 3 Piece Set by PRIME TIME TOYS

It’s the ultimate set for water battles – a colorful Splash Sword, bright Splash Shield and of course, a Splash Bomb.

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 1/12/2012 (Price: $21.99; Age: 5 and Up)

Fisher-Price Barbie Grow With Me 1,2,3 Roller Skates by FISHER-PRICE INC.

Quad-style 4-wheel Barbie roller skates make learning to skate as easy as 1, 2 and 3. Wheels lock for Stage 1, so beginners can “skate-walk” on wheels that don’t roll. As confidence, ability and balance increase, advance to Stage 2, where a quick and easy adjustment allows the wheels to roll forward, but not back. Then it’s on to Stage 3 for “freewheeling” fun, forward and back. Size adjustable to fit child shoe sizes 6-12.
— As of 12/13/2011 this product had 4.7 out of 5 stars from 13 reviews on

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 12/16/2011 (Price: $22.99; Age: 2 to 4)

Digasaurus Sandbox by DIGASAURUS SANDBOX

This is a one of a kind educational sandbox fossil find, featuring a tasteful faux rock design.Comes with an on-line field manual that makes it educational and fun as it explains the dinosar bones that are uncovered. Kids can sit all the way around the sand box, and the bones are arranged in a 360 degree format so no one gets left out. Launch date: September 2011.

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 11/11/2011 (Price: $149.99; Age: 2 to 10)


FyrFlyz is a revolutionary new spinning toy that puts the power to create an amazing light show in kids’ very own hands. Each FyrFlyz toy is a precision balanced instrument designed to spin on its axis. Simply by swinging the connected two strings and applying tension or allowing slack, kids create a continuous movement (figure eights, rings, etc.). The fun begins when the lights go out and the FyrFlyz multi-color LED lights turn the movement into an amazing light show that kids can play themselves or show their friends.
Awards: Dr. Toy's 10 Best Toys - 2011

Specialty Retailers, have this be your link
 9/16/2011 (Price: $9.99; Age: 8 to 12)

Sidewalk Games by eeBoo corp.

Take the fun outdoors with eeBoo Sidewalk Games. Set includes a gold coin to toss, four vibrant chalk sticks and a booklet of instructions for sidewalk games such as Hopscotch, Skelly, London Calling and more. "A child, a coin, some colored chalk bring hours of fun to a plain sidewalk. Learn games that generations played when fun and toys were all homemade!" Regina Gelin, sales & marketing associate for eeBoo, told TDmonthly. Launch date: August 2011.

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 9/16/2011 (Price: $8.50; Age: 5 and Up)



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