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Cathedral Blocks
Cathedral Blocks
Price: $160.00
Gender: Boys And Girls
Age: 8 and up

Cathedral Blocks are the first in a series of architecturally themed building blocks created for kids (and adults) of all ages. While each series is designed around a particular building type, the unique pieces allow for many interesting creations. The only limitation is the imagination of the builder.

Each set of Cathedral Blocks includes:

• 15 different shapes
• 145 pieces
• Printed plan
• Easy-to-follow instructions (Watch the cathedralblocks.jpg Video Watch Video)
Castle Blocks
Castle Blocks
Price: $140.00
Gender: Boys And Girls
Age: 4 and up

Castle Blocks are the second in a series of architecturally themed building blocks created for kids (and adults) of all ages. This set of blocks was designed with unique castle/fortress detailing, allowing the builder to create his or her own Camelot! Castle Blocks come without a set of instructions, and that’s by design.

Each set of Castle Blocks includes:

• 7 different shapes
• 120 pieces
• Multiple plan configurations




Arkansas native and architect Steven W. Hurd, AIA, designed his first set of building blocks some 15 years ago at the prompting of his mother-in-law, whose father – also an architect – built models of castles and cathedrals for her when she was a child. What began as a new hobby – to relive his childhood passion for building models, then as a way to build toys for his son to enjoy – eventually became an avenue for Steven to share his passion with the world.

Westwork Designs was created for children who aspire to build and builders who aspire to be children again. Westwork Designs blocks aren’t your ordinary dime-store blocks. Each block is carved from imported hardwood and special attention is given to the intricate details found in every piece. The only limitation is your imagination.

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